XBUS Freedom

World of modular mobility


The "Freedom" version is the basis for all other modules. Or the first step into the world of modular mobility.


Our classic; the "Bus" XBUS. With enough space for your luggage and that of your friends, you're always well prepared whether in the city or in the country. The "Bus" XBUS builds on the modules "rear cabin" and "boot module". Thus, the batteries are moved to the rear and you get extra space in the footwell, as well as optimal weight distribution


The "Koffer" XBUS, our biggest. With an approximate loading capacity of over 6,000 litres or of more than 6m³, there is almost no limit to your cargo space. Due to the significantly smaller external dimensions of the XBUS, compared to other classic vans with the same loading capacity, you'll always find a parking space quickly.


The "Universal" XBUS, the classic vehicle for professionals. With an approximate loading capacity of 2,760 litres, there is enough space for tools, spare parts and much more.


The "Pickup" XBUS is perfect for professional use with an open loading area. The open loading area makes it easier for you to load and unload heavy and bulky objects. Thanks to the batteries in the middle compartments, you have optimal weight distribution and correspondingly good handling characteristics, even when loaded.


We affectionately call the "Pick up!" XBUS the "Kombi Pick up" because, unlike the classic pick-up, you have a driver's cab, a rear cab and an open loading area that makes loading and unloading easier for you.


The "Kipper" XBUS is the extension of the "Pick up" XBUS. Thus, the open loading area means that not only can you load and unload more easily, but you can also tilt the loading area. This allows you to unload stones, earth, sand, etc. even more easily.


Do you love to let the wind blow through your hair? Then the "Open" XBUS is ideal for you. With the "Open" XBUS you have the option of opening the roof in the driver's cab as well as in the rear cab. The rear module "Pick-Up Flaps" module offers additional open storage space for your surfboards, for example.


With the "Camper" XBUS you experience limitless freedom. With a sleeping area for two people, a compact kitchen with a sink, refrigerator and hotplate, you are always ready for your adventure trip.


Of course, your XBUS has a modern infotainment system, which you can comfortably operate using the built-in 10.2" colour display You can also make various settings via the display.


The Electricbrands Vehicle App or EVA for short makes your XBUS smart. As an entrepreneur, you can easily manage your vehicle fleet with the app or, as a user, you always have all the data on your XBUS in view. We will inform you of the exact scope of functions in the final configurator.


So that you are networked everywhere and can be navigated through your smartphone, the XBUS has standard interfaces to Apple Car Play and Android Auto


With the standard multifunction steering wheel, you will not be distracted from the traffic and you can set the most important functions directly on the steering wheel.


With the Bluetooth interface, you can easily connect your smartphone to the infotainment system of the XBUS.


So that you can comfortably charge the XBUS at home, the right charging cable for your household socket is of course standard.